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Business Solutions

Integrated Solutions is an independent consulting company founded in 2006. We specialize in effective business solutions for improved customer interaction, including service organizations, retail, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, insurance and for internal collaboration among field staff and knowledge workers. We believe that the role of the consulting firm should change from “filtering” market information through their business models to becoming true agents for sharing actionable information about trends, key challenges and best practices.  

Our consultants are dedicated to helping end-user organizations see beyond marketing concepts introduced by technology vendors and understand the real value of solutions that are available to them so they can select products that are the best fit for their needs. We help clients both with traditional systems and processes and with innovative approaches, such as recent developments in SaaS, APM, Wireless, Mobile Commerce, Cloud Computing and Unified Communications.


APM, BSM, SaaS, Cloud

Many organizations are looking to evaluate application performance in broader context and be able to understand how the performance of applications impacts the overall health of IT services. It is becoming increasingly important that multiple tools of which are addressing different aspects of managing application performance talk to each other and that data collected by these tools can be analyzed and correlated together.  There are vendors that specialize in monitoring the performance of Web applications, they have realized the importance of this opportunity and recently created a number of partnerships focused on integrating their products with tools for monitoring IT infrastructure.

The emergence of SaaS and private and public cloud computing technologies is causing organizations to revisit their IT performance management strategies and evaluate if the solutions that they currently have in place can be as effective in these new environments. Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of full visibility into the performance of business-critical applications and the impact that performance issues are having on their business.

So what does "proactive management", "end-to-end visibility", "aligning IT with business" actually mean to an organization? We can answer these questions and help your organization evaluate your mission critical needs.


Mobile Commerce

What are you doing to optimize for mobile users? Gartner predicts mobile will be the #1 Internet access device by 2013. ABI Research believes that 8 percent of total ecommerce sales will come from mobile by 2014. Also, according to comScore, nearly one-third of all mobile users already actively engage with Web content on their mobile phones, and 53 percent of smartphone users routinely engage in mobile Web browsing activities.

So, what are you doing to optimize for mobile users?

Integrated Solutions can assist your company with you mobile commerce initiatives. Contact us today for more information and get ahead of your competition. But don't be left behind.


Converged and Unified Communications

Our vision is that business processes in your enterprise can be significantly streamlined, accelerated, or enhanced by applying the principles and methods of Unified Communications (UC). The measurable results will appear as combinations of lower costs, improved customer/constituent service, increased revenue, or better asset utilization.

Integrated Solutions has the experience, skills and tools to assist your enterprise in achieving improved results through UC. Each consultant has solid, in-depth credentials in discovery, analysis, design, selection and implementation of unified communications solutions and applications.

We maintain our standards through best practices including careful consultant screening, UC qualifications, peer review, and quality assurance. Our commitment to excellence benefits your enterprise by delivering a high-quality yet economical project outcome in the targeted scope and time frame.


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We urge you to contact Integrated Solutions immediately for a no-charge consultation and discussion of your company's technology enhancement initiatives, in your industry sector and specifically for your enterprise. We assure you a candid, clear conversation from which you will be able to assess the value of today's technology.






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